Horse Meat

Gel-like Image following Cross-Reactivity Tests. Note that the band at 82bp is present exclusively in the Horse control (lane 11) which is indicative of horse DNA  being detected

PCR approaches for detection of horse meat evaluated

By Joseph James Whitworth

An evaluation of the limits of detection (LOD) of three methods has shown that all have the potential and capability of reaching less than 0.1% w/w raw horse meat in a raw beef background.

FSA talks all things food safety with FQN

FSA: Horse meat was biggest incident in our history

By Joseph James Whitworth

The UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) said the horse meat incident dominated last year and it is continuing to learn lessons from what it called ‘the biggest incident in its history’.

ASA upholds complaint on Teso horsemeat ad

Tesco slammed for horse meat ad

By Joseph James Whitworth

Tesco has been slammed by the UK’s advertising watchdog for suggesting that the horse meat scandal affected the whole food industry.

Many Irish consumers have changed their purchasing habits following the horse meat contamination

Horse meat scandal dented Irish trust in food supply, finds FSAI


The discovery of horse meat in a range of ‘beef’ products in the European Union earlier this year has had a major impact on Irish consumers’ trust in the food industry, according to research commissioned by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI).

Lasagne is one product that horse meat has been found in

Horse meat - The latest developments

Horse meat mislabelled as diced beef sold in UK

By Joe Whitworth

Forty kilograms of horse meat labelled as diced beef has been sold in Preston and Liverpool, according to the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA).

Neogen talks to in Barcelona

Global Food Safety Conference 2013 in Barcelona

Neogen: economic adulteration will proliferate

By Joe Whitworth

Instances of economically-motivated adulteration will grow globally as the economic slowdown continues to bite, with the EU horse meat scandal just one high profile example, according to Neogen Corporation.

Horse meat scandal continues in Europe

Nestlé dragged into horse meat controversy

By Joe Whitworth

Nestlé has become the latest company to be dragged in to the horse meat scandal with the firm recalling two products due to traces of horse DNA.

Horse meat saga: Two key meetings today

4pm CET Horse Meat update

Food safety meetings seek horse meat clarity

By Joe Whitworth

The UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) has revealed it has nearly a thousand more tests to conduct but so far has not found any new cases of horse meat in beef products.

Findus has recalled some products in France due to horse meat contamination

Horse meat controversy on agenda in Brussels

By Joe Whitworth

EU ministers will hold a meeting in Brussels tomorrow (13 February) to take “whatever steps may be necessary” to address the implications of horse meat in beef products.

British meat industry to introduce DNA testing

British meat industry to introduce DNA testing

By Carina Perkins and Ed Bedington

Some in the British meat industry are set to introduce DNA testing on meat products to reassure consumers in the wake of the horse meat contamination scandal.


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