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“A sugar tax will just mean that the public spend more of their money on unhealthy foods,” says Bayn managing director Lucy Dahlgren. © iStock/BogdanReava

Profit increase can drive sugar reduction: Bayn

By Natalie Morrison

More profitable business models are needed for companies committed to healthier products, according to Bayn following the launch of its new Sugar Reduced Community.

Figure: CSPI. Pathogens in solved outbreaks

CDC response to CSPI report

CSPI finds solved and reported outbreaks declined

By Joseph James Whitworth

Outbreaks reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the percentage of those solved have declined, according to the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI).

The food industry must shout about its impact on health, says Whitlock

Oxford Farming Conference

Promote health benefits or risk political sidelining

By Laurence Gibbons

The food industry must promote about its health benefits or risk being sidelined in the lead-up to the General Election in May, according to the chairman of the Oxford Farming Conference.

Unless the new labels change purchasing behaviour, they will have failed

Campaign to clarify new hybrid label

By Rick Pendrous

The government is planning a public education campaign to help consumers understand the new hybrid front-of-pack (FoP) nutrition labelling scheme the Department of Health (DH) recently launched to stem rising obesity levels.

Strawberry is an attractive flavour to older consumers, says Carbery

Carbery explores flavours for ageing consumers

By Rod Addy

Carbery is exploring the potential of flavours to make protein-fortified products more palatable to ageing consumers, according to head of research and development Aine Hallihan.

Curbing childhood obesity

Curbing childhood obesity

Obesity - a growing problem, not just in the West, and not just in
adults. Governments around the world are increasingly concerned
about the rise of obesity in childhood. But how are we tackling the
problem? Perhaps not very well....


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