Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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Is consumer food waste giving the industry an unfair rap over emissions?

By Oliver Morrison

New research suggests food wastage – much of which comes from people simply not eating what they buy – is a bigger problem than previously thought, which if cut in half would help remove around one-quarter of total greenhouse gas emissions from the global...

Livestock is seen as a leading GHG emitter ©DigitalZombie/iStock

Agriculture in spotlight ahead of COP23 climate change talks

By Katy Askew

Agricultural emissions have been flagged as a key issue ahead of the United Nations’ COP23 climate change talks, which will kick off in Bonn next week with the aim of developing a roadmap for implementing the Paris Agreement.


Climate-smart production would help tackle food insecurity - Study

By Katy Askew

Climate policies that target the food sector could lead to increased prices and a drop in availability but the adoption of ‘climate-smart’ agricultural practices could negate the need for measures like “carbon taxes”, new research suggests.

HKScan said replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy helped reduce emissions

Animal fat helps HKScan cut emissions by a third

By Oscar Rousseau

Meat processor HKScan reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 35% in 2015, and using animal fats for heating was one of several eco-friendly measures used to reduce its carbon footprint.

A review into ammonia emissions has come under fire from the EU agriculture sector

EU review on emissions a ‘serious risk’

By Oscar Rousseau

A review on ammonia emissions has been criticised by EU farming bodies for posing a ‘serious risk’ to the livelihood of Europe’s agriculture sector. 

CO2 emissions from agriculture have fallen by 20% since 1990

Meat tax favoured by public, report finds

By Oscar Rousseau

Global appetite for meat could be in danger as many consumers believe a tax on beef, chicken and poultry is a sure-fire way to reduce climate change.

US beef bosses have branded the study a “gross over-simplification”

US beef industry lambasts environment link study

By Ed Bedington

US beef bosses have branded a study, which claims beef production was around 10 times more harmful to the environment than other protein productions, as a “gross over-simplification”.

Nestlé has updated many of its previous goals on nutrition and sustainability

Nestlé outlines sustainability and nutrition goals

By Caroline Scott-Thomas

Nestlé has published a raft of sustainability and nutrition commitments it aims to meet by 2020 or earlier, including sourcing 100% certified sustainable palm oil, cutting greenhouse gas emissions and improving nutrition labelling.

Resource efficiency set to rise in prominence

Resource efficiency set to rise in prominence

By Rod Addy

Resource efficiency will be even more crucial for the food industry in the coming year as it fights to prevent production costs from being passed on to consumers.

Jean Hénaff pâtés target carbon footprint

Jean Hénaff pâtés target carbon footprint

By Rod Addy

Jean Hénaff, France’s leading pork meat processor, has been hailed because its pork pâtés entail lower carbon footprints than international benchmarks.


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