Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Livestock is seen as a leading GHG emitter ©DigitalZombie/iStock

Agriculture in spotlight ahead of COP23 climate change talks

By Katy Askew

Agricultural emissions have been flagged as a key issue ahead of the United Nations’ COP23 climate change talks, which will kick off in Bonn next week with the aim of developing a roadmap for implementing the Paris Agreement.

HKScan said replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy helped reduce emissions

Animal fat helps HKScan cut emissions by a third

By Oscar Rousseau

Meat processor HKScan reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 35% in 2015, and using animal fats for heating was one of several eco-friendly measures used to reduce its carbon footprint.

A review into ammonia emissions has come under fire from the EU agriculture sector

EU review on emissions a ‘serious risk’

By Oscar Rousseau

A review on ammonia emissions has been criticised by EU farming bodies for posing a ‘serious risk’ to the livelihood of Europe’s agriculture sector. 

CO2 emissions from agriculture have fallen by 20% since 1990

Meat tax favoured by public, report finds

By Oscar Rousseau

Global appetite for meat could be in danger as many consumers believe a tax on beef, chicken and poultry is a sure-fire way to reduce climate change.

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