The government have invested £12mn in a hub for the production of sustainable proteins such as cultivated meat. Source: Mindful Media/Getty Images

UK government invests £12m in sustainable protein hub

By Augustus Bambridge-Sutton

The UK government has invested £12m (€13.57) in a new research centre to grow sustainable protein and cultivated meat. This will be the largest investment yet made by the government in sustainable proteins.

More alignment on private and public food safety approaches

Dispatches from GFSI 2017 in Houston

GFSI on SENASICA, benchmarking requirements and Africa

By Joseph James Whitworth

The chair of the GFSI board of directors has told FoodQualityNews about partnering with a Mexican agency, updated benchmarking requirements and progress on the global markets programme.

Uganda's government has revealed plans to crack down on meat hygiene levels

Uganda cracks down on abattoir standards

By Aaron McDonald

The government of Uganda has announced plans to implement greater enforcements on abattoirs and butchery businesses that do not practise minimum hygiene requirements, according to Uganda’s Daily Monitor.

Norway has seen an sharp rise in the retail costs of red and white meat products

Norwegian government to investigate sharp rise in meat prices

By Gerard O’Dwyer, in Helsinki

The Norwegian government will decide in October whether or not to adopt new measures requiring meat manufacturers and retailers to be more transparent about their base production costs and pricing systems.

Policy is needed to underpin export growth in Ireland

Policy must underpin Irish export growth in 2012

By Kacey Culliney

Growth opportunities in Ireland’s food and drink export market will continue amid volatile domestic conditions, but government policies need to align with and underpin industry growth strategies, according to Food and Drink Industry Ireland (FDII).

Chasing down obesity

Weekly comment

Chasing down obesity

It is time to admit that society is fighting a part-time battle
against the bulge, willingly lambasting soft drinks, burgers and
chocolate, while shuffling silently away from a fairly dismal
exercise rate.


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