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New modified wheat ‘could help tackle global food shortage’

By Oliver Morrison

UK scientists have created a new modified wheat variety that can increase grain production by up to 12%. They claim the innovation is a potential solution to help meet rapidly growing global demand, but also expect it to trigger heated debate around genetically...

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Consumers aren’t prepared to join the lab-meat love-in

By David Burrows

This year there’s been a bit of a lab-meat love-in, but are consumers ready to buy into it? I’m not so sure, especially if they can’t divorce the concept from other more controversial technologies like genetic modification.

Dispatches from Euro Fed Lipid Congress, Montpellier

The road to fish-oil equivalent GM camelina

By Annie Harrison-Dunn

Rothamsted Research has achieved omega-3 levels comparable to fish oil in its first GM camelina harvest, something which has been surprisingly well received by the public, its senior researcher says. 

BASF has announced it will halt all GM operations in Europe due to a lack of acceptance.

BASF pulls out of European GM market

By Nathan Gray

Ingredients and chemicals giant BASF has announced it will pull the plug on its European operations in genetically modified plant development due to a lack of acceptance in the market.

GM crops to feed the world?

GM crops to feed the world?

Hunger is on the rise again after falling steadily during the first
half of the 1990s, warns the UN's annual hunger report released on
Wednesday. In the same week, a Danish task force asserts that
organisations are falling short...

Co-op says no to GM

Co-op says no to GM

The Co-op group, the UK's biggest farm group and one of its largest
retailers, has responded to a recent customer survey on attitudes
to GM by pledging never to plant genetically modified crops or sell
GM products in its stores,...

GM know-how low

GM know-how low

Knowledge of genetically modified (GM) foods in the US remains low
and their opinions about its safety are just as divided as they
were two years ago.

US takes the biscuit...

US takes the biscuit...

Confirming reports from the European Commission yesterday that the
European consumer is sceptical about food-related biotechnologies,
are the findings of a joint UK-US study into GE biscuits.
Researchers found European shoppers to...


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