Food Fraud

Horse meat was found as an adulterant in 1% of beef products in the UK, and 4% of products across Europe

Industry urgently needs to focus on food fraud


The food industry must do more to prevent food fraud, says an interim UK government report commissioned to assess food integrity in the wake of the horse meat crisis.

 Fish was called out to one of the products most at risk of fraud

Tougher penalties for food fraud backed

By Joseph James Whitworth

A report calling for stronger policing of the food industry and tougher penalties for fraud has been backed by an EU committee.

Meat was not among the top ten at-risk foods

EU highlights top ten foods at risk of fraud


Olive oil, fish and organic foods are at the highest risk of food fraud in Europe, according to a new draft report from the European Union – but meat is not in the top ten, despite this year’s high-profile horse meat scandal.

Food fraud: Which ingredients are most vulnerable?

Food fraud: Which ingredients are most vulnerable?


You can’t paint a horse like a cow and expect people not to notice – but grind their meat into patties and it may be a different story. So what makes an ingredient vulnerable to food fraud?

Borrow Sherlock's magnifying glass to find food fraud, advised Wissenburg

‘Think like a criminal’ to beat food fraud, says Danone expert

By Caroline Scott-Thomas

The issue of food fraud has traditionally taken a backseat to wider food safety threats – but Europe’s horse meat scandal has underlined the threat it poses to food businesses, according to Danone’s corporate quality projects director Petra Wissenburg.


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