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Food and drink manufacturers could benefit from telling a story about their products

Innovation conference

Why manufacturers should tell ‘a story about food’

By Michael Stones

Telling a good story about the provenance of food and drink products could benefit manufacturers, Mintel’s David Jago told the innovation conference New Frontiers in Food and Drink.

Top food and drink trends for 2016

Food and drink trends focus on smaller brands

By Noli Dinkovski

The growing importance of smaller food and drink brands, arising from the fragmentation of consumer beliefs about food, is one of 10 key trends identified next year by New Business Nutrition.

  People starting careers in food businesses should be hungry for knowledge, says King

Big interview new starter advice

Food business starters should be hungry for knowledge

By Laurence Gibbons

Young people starting their food business careers should hungry for knowledge about the roles they’ve taken on and slip a “finger in lots of pies”, according to the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) boss Jane King. 

Food Trendspotter: Mintel's predictions for 2016

Food Trendspotter: Mintel's predictions for 2016

By Niamh Michail

With 2016 fast approaching, food and drink companies looking to stay ahead of the curve need to start thinking about which future trends will be relevant to their products.FoodNavigator spoke with Mintel analyst Jenny Zegler to find out which trends are...

'Consumers are ready to give up long shelf life products for healthy and natural ingredients'

Guest article: analyst insights

Global market for natural food colors to reach $1.7bn by 2020

By Iti Singh and Indu Tyagi

The global market for natural food colors is predicted to reach $1.7bn by 2020, with 20% of this market attributed to beverage applications. Analysts Iti Singh and Indu Tyagi, from research firm MarketsandMarkets, look at the opportunities for beverage...

Erythritol is already approved for use in foods and drinks in more than 60 countries - but approval for beverages has taken some time in Europe because of concerns of a laxative effect

EFSA backs erythritol for use in soft drinks


The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has said erythritol is safe for use in soft drinks at a maximum level of 1.6%, bringing the zero-calorie sweetener a step closer to EU approval for beverages.

Up to 20,000 food industry professionals are expected to attend the IFT Show, with some reporting their thoughts via Twitter

IFT food show in New Orleans – captured in tweets

By Laurence Gibbons

One of the world’s biggest food ingredients shows – the Institute of Food Technology’s (IFT’s) Annual meeting and food expo – opened its doors in New Orleans last week (June 21). Here, we capture in tweets a flavour of the event.

Food Vision 2014: In pictures

Food Vision 2014: In pictures

By Nathan Gray

The Food Vision event in Cannes brought together global food and drink industry leaders to tackle some of the biggest issues and key topics directly affecting the future of the industry and the profitability of businesseses. FoodNavigator and the Food...

Food scientists need to build bridges with consumers, delegates at the Food Vision Conference heard

Food Vision

Celebrity chefs needed to sell food science to consumers

By Rick Pendrous

Food firms must woo celebrity chefs and other ‘foodies’ more to help consumers understand the industry’s use of science, including biotechnology and nanotechnology, experts from the sector have argued.

Larger portions decrease liking of food: study

Larger portions decrease liking of food: study

By Maggie Hennessy

Not only do larger portions lead consumers to like the food they are eating less, they also reduce how often people consume those foods, according to the authors of a recent Carnegie Mellon University study.

Producing attractive finger foods - rather than those that require cutlery - could encourage people with Alzheimer's disease to eat more, say researchers.

Finger foods may be best for people with Alzheimer's

By Nathan Gray

Finger foods that are specifically designed for people suffering from Alzheimer's disease could help those suffering with the condition to eat more and improve their nutritional status, say researchers.

Students visited a Coca-Cola bottling plant on Tuesday

Student factory visits aim to dismiss manufacturing myths


The Food and Drink Federation (FDF) has called on UK food companies to open their doors to students from secondary school to 21-year-olds, as part of its See Inside Manufacturing (SIM) programme.

Dirty ingredients prompt more Chinese to opt for clean labels

Snapshot: China

Dirty ingredients prompt more Chinese to opt for clean labels

By RJ Whitehead

It is no coincidence that China is leading the way across the Asia-Pacific region by moving towards natural foods. With the country’s industry sullied by an ever-evolving tale of lax food safety standards - with the will to improve in this department...

Texture and fullness: The psychology of satiety

Texture and fullness: The psychology of satiety

By Nathan Gray

Texture is important for the liking of a food, but it also offers valuable clues to our expected feelings of fullness. Now experts believe that subtle alterations in food texture can trick us into feeling fuller for longer.

Nearly three-quarters of consumers said they would pay more for additive-free foods

Kampffmeyer asks: What does clean label mean to consumers?

More than three-quarters of European consumers want foods without chemical additives and most say they are willing to pay more for additive-free foods, according to a new survey carried out on behalf of Kampffmeyer Food Innovation.

Spain's researchers predict a wide range of consumer trends

Spanish researchers spell out 2020 consumer food trends

By Rod Addy

‘Eater-tainment’, ‘SuperSense’ and ‘Food Telling’ are among the food consumer trends predicted to be prominent in 2020 by researchers at Spain’s Azti-Tecnalia research and development centre.

Frozen food could help to slash food waste, claimed the British Frozen Food Federation

Frozen food could slash food waste

By Mike Stones

Putting more frozen food on UK dinner plates could help slash household food waste, according to the British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF).


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