Eu Pork

Russia's market has been closed to all EU pork products since 2014

WTO sets deadline to resolve Russia’s EU pork ban

By Oscar Rousseau

A final decision on Russia’s toxic and long-running trade ban on EU pork exports is set to be published within the next six weeks, according to the World Trade Organization (WTO).

The EU has an opportunity to export Spanish-style pork products to Cuba, the UECBV say

Cuba - a ‘window of opportunity’ for EU pork

By Oscar Rousseau

Cuba has opened its market to a range of US food imports and the Spanish-speaking country has been tipped to be an unlikely saviour of Europe’s beleaguered pork sector, according to the European Meat and Livestock Trading Union (UECBV).

The impact of plummeting pork prices will be discussed

EU ministers urged to help pork farmers

By Chloe Ryan

Pork and dairy farmers must be helped by the EU to gain access to new international markets if the fall in prices affecting European farmers is to be stemmed. 


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