Energy Intake

Can you lose weight while drinking diet soda? One study says you can

Diet soda: A key to weight loss?

By Hal Conick

Low energy sweeteners commonly used in diet sodas may help with weight loss, says a University of Bristol study, adding that confusion among consumers between sweeteners and sugar needs to be addressed.

Some consumers may see ‘low fat’ labels as a licence to overindulge

Cognition controls consumption

By Rick Pendrous

New satiety research has suggested that the way we think about the food we eat may play an important role in how much we consume and whether we feel full or not after eating it.

Satiety - and energy intake - was linked to how long food was chewed

Time spent chewing food important for satiety, study suggests

By Caroline Scott-Thomas

The amount of time spent chewing food could have an important impact on feelings of fullness – calling into question the suitability of beverages for increasing satiety, according to a new Nestlé-sponsored study.


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