Brazil exports about 30% of its chicken production, but just 1% of its eggs

Middle East’s Brazilian egg sales up 41%

By Eliot Beer

Imports of Brazilian eggs by Middle Eastern buyers grew 41% in the first half of the year, with sales totalling US$6.9m, according to the Brazilian government.

Egg safety still an issue

Egg safety still an issue

An FSA survey of UK-produced eggs has found that the level of
salmonella contamination is now one third of what it was in 1996.
But one industry expert says that food manufacturers should still
exercise caution, writes Anthony Fletcher.

Thumbs up for eggs

Thumbs up for eggs

Eggs play a valuable role in helping consumers achieve a balanced,
varied, and nutritious diet, the American Council on Science and
Health (ACSH) concluded in a report released today.


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