Dietary Fibre

BARLEYmax has 15x the dietary fibre than conventional barley. Pic: Teijin Limited

High fibre super barley rolls out in the EU

By Gill Hyslop

Japanese conglomerate Teijin Limited has forged a partnership with Spanish distributor Emilio Peña SA (EPSA) to sell the highly nutritious BARLEYmax, which punches in with 15x more dietary fibre than rolled barley.

Rye, the next prebiotic?

Rye, the next prebiotic?

The rye grain, and rye bran in particular, is rich in dietary fibre
and also contains a significant fructan concentration, which may
have important prebiotic properties, suggests a new publication.

Keep up the porridge!

Keep up the porridge!

Evidence mounts in support of the health benefits of regularly
consuming oats with a new study suggesting that kids who have a
constant intake of oatmeal may lower their risk of obesity.


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