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Danish Crown closes Southern Jutland slaughterhouse

Danish Crown closes Southern Jutland slaughterhouse

By Aidan Fortune

Pork processor Danish Crown temporarily closed its Skærbæk slaughterhouse in Southern Jutland following the confirmation of coronavirus among staff at its main customer Westcrown.

Danish Crown reveals Tulip losses

Danish Crown reveals Tulip Limited losses

By Aidan Fortune

Pork processor Danish Crown has revealed the extent of the losses suffered by its Tulip Limited business in the final year before it was sold to Pilgrim’s Pride.

Danish Crown enters Africa via acquisition

Danish Crown enters Africa via acquisition

By Oscar Rousseau

Danish Crown has snapped up a majority stake in South Africa's Overberg Food Distributors, marking the pork giant's first entry into a continent boasting big "potential".

Danish Crown is to welcome 260 jobs employees to the business

Rising pig supply creates 260 Danish Crown jobs

By Oscar Rousseau

Danish Crown is hiring 260 new workers months after the pork giant feared an abattoir closure was needed to ease under pressure exports hit by falling pig numbers.

Danish Crown chairman Erik Bredholt called the scheme a 'win-win' deal

Danish Crown offers more cash for pigs

By Oscar Rousseau

Danish Crown will pay extra money per kilogram of pork delivered to its abattoirs as the meat processor aims to reverse a supply decline that could hit jobs.

Danish Crown UK CEO Lars Albertsen said the takeover is 'an exciting step'

Danish Crown buys UK foodservice business

By Oscar Rousseau

Danish Crown has swooped on long-standing UK foodservice business Leivers Brothers, acquiring the Nottingham-based firm for an undisclosed sum.

Danish Crown Beef expect the takeover of Teterower Fleisch to enhance growth prospects

Danish Crown in Teterower Fleisch takeover

By Oscar Rousseau

Danish Crown is set to become one of Germany’s largest beef processors after the pork giant announced a takeover of slaughterhouse Teterower Fleisch for an undisclosed sum.

Prices Danish Crown paid to members for pigs were down on last year

Danish Crown sustained by demand from Asia

By Rod Addy

Demand from Asia sustained Danish Crown’s sales in the face of greater challenges in its UK market in the past year, according to chief executive Jais Valeur.

Danish Crown said it is confident it will win the dispute with Tican

Tican seeking arbitration with Danish Crown

By Oscar Rousseau

Tican a.m.b.a. will file a case of arbitration with pork producer Danish Crown after Tican’s farming cooperative claimed it was due compensation following the collapsed merger.

Danish Crown said the 20 job cuts at its pork plant were 'very unfortunate'

Danish Crown axes 20 jobs at abattoir

By Oscar Rousseau

Meat processor Danish Crown will cut 20 staff and let 100 fixed-term contractors go at its Ringsted pork slaughterhouse as a shortage of pigs makes evening work unsustainable.

Danish Crowns said sales with China and Japan are picking up pace

Danish Crown bemoans weak holiday demand

By Oscar Rousseau

Business is unusually slow for meat processor Danish Crown which claims sales of fresh meat are “very quiet” for one of the busiest times of the year. 

Back in business: Danish Crown says bacon sales in the UK are performing well

Danish Crown: no post-Brexit meat drop

By Oscar Rousseau

Meat processor Danish Crown has spoken about the 'good market' for pork in Europe as the continent comes to terms with Britain’s vote to leave the EU.

Danish Crown produces 1.3 billion kilogrammes of meat every year

Danish Crown welcomes SPF-Danmark takeover

By Kitty So

Danish Crown has welcomed the strengthening of its distribution system through the acquisition of livestock transporter SPF-Danmark, after it bought out pork producer Tican’s 10% stake.

Danish Crown's takeover of SPF-Danmark has been given the green light by the European Commission

Danish Crown cleared for SPF takeover

By Oscar Rousseau

Danish Crown is free to complete the takeover of SPF-Danmark after the European Commission ruled the acquisition does not break competition rules.

Danish Crown said it still has

Danish Crown VP resigns after clashing with board members

By Oscar Rousseau

Danish Crown’s vice president Flemming Enevoldsen, who heads up the company’s subsidiary Tulip, has resigned by mutual consent after a number of high-level strategic disagreements over the UK market.

Tönnies has signed an agreement with Serbia to build five pig farms worth €5m

West Crown creates competition in Germany

By Poorna Rodrigo

A new European meat joint venture involving Denmark’s leading beef and pork processor Danish Crown and Germany’s Westfleisch aims to be a tough competitor to German’s current market leader Tönnies GmbH & Co, Danish Crown’s head of press has said. 

Danish Crown 'managing better than European competitors'

Danish Crown pays £28.4m extra to pig farmers

By Oscar Rousseau

Danish Crown – Europe’s largest pork producer – has paid its owners DKK300m (£28.4m) more than it did in 2014 citing “strong financial results”. 

Some industry observers are concerned that the consolidation could lead to the closure of Tican’s meat processing plants

Talks of slaughterhouse closure in Danish Crown/Tican merger

By Gerard O’Dwyer, in Helsinki

Denmark’s meat industry anticipates the streamlining of production and possible closure of at least one slaughterhouse in the wake of Danish Crown’s acquisition and merger with Tican. The deal was approved by 91% of Tican’s owners on 26 March. 

The merger is still subject to approval from the relevant competition authorities

Danish Crown to take on Tican

By Georgi Gyton

Danish Crown is to merge with Tican in a move that will see Denmark’s two cooperative slaughterhouse companies combine their activities.

Interest shown to date has yet to lead to formal investment offers or talks

Chinese investors cast eyes on Denmark meat sector

By Gerard O’Dwyer, in Helsinki

Leading Danish meat processing companies, including Danish Crown, Hanegal and Skare Meat Packers, are attracting renewed acquisitive interest from industrial groups in China.

The first container of fresh pork arrived in Kathmandu last month

Danish Crown ships first supplies to Nepal

By Georgi Gyton

Danish pork has arrived at the mountainous state of Nepal in the Himalayas, after interest from meat wholesaler Sanu Khadgi saw Danish Crown deliver its first container.

Higher local wages may push fhe firm to invest abroad

Danish Crown to focus capacity investments abroad

By Gerard O’Dwyer, in Helsinki

Meat processing grant Danish Crown has warned meat industry unions that the pressure to pay higher wages in Denmark at its Danish meat processing plants means most future fixed capital plant expansion and capacity investments will take place outside its...

Danish Crown takes full ownership of Sokolów

Danish Crown acquires total shares of Sokolów

By Georgi Gyton

Danish Crown has taken full ownership of Polish processed meat producer Sokolów, after acquiring the remaining 50% of its shares for around DKK1.3bn (€180m).

Intervention fails in closure of Danish meat processing plant

Dismay at Danish Crown Faaborg plant closure

By Gerard O’Dwyer

Danish Crown’s (DC) decision to shut down its DC and Tulip meat processing plants in Faaborg followed a late-hour, but unsuccessful intervention by the city’s mayor, Christian Thygesen, who has expressed sadness over the decision.


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