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Tests have found no positive traces of fipronil in Belgian meat

No Belgian chicken meat has tested positive for banned insecticide

By Oscar Rousseau

Belgium’s food safety body, the Federal Authority for the Safety of the Food Chain (FASFC), has confirmed not a single sample of the tested chicken meat has been found to contain traces of fipronil, the toxic insecticide that has sparked a Europe-wide...

Millions of eggs have been recalled across Europe amid contamination fears

Dutch test chicken meat amid huge egg recall

By Oscar Rousseau

Dutch food safety officials have begun spot-checks on meat-giving chickens, reared on farms housing egg-producing birds treated with the toxic insecticide fipronil, which has sparked a massive egg recall.

Poultry welfare coming to the fore – but not for all

By Simone Baroke, contributing analyst with Euromonitor

For grocery retailers in many markets, offering cage-free eggs and cruelty-free poultry meat has virtually become the new industry standard. The next point of public contention – namely the unpalatable fate of “wrong-sex” chicks – is already looming large...

ESBL found in nearly half of Danish chicken meat

ESBL found in nearly half of Danish chicken meat

By Carmen Paun, in Brussels

Almost half of chicken meat in Denmark in 2011 contained extended spectrum beta lactamase (ESBL) – an enzyme promoting resistance to antibiotics used to treat severe infections in humans – according to a new study from the Danish Integrated Antimicrobial...


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