The move is designed to increase capacity for local producers

Turkey opens to feeder cattle

By Oli Haenlein

Turkey has opened its doors to feeder cattle imports to members of associations and cooperatives who have signed contracts for the animals with Turkey’s Meat and Milk Board (ESK).

The livestock industry needs food producers, retailers and consumers to show cooperation and a willingness to pay for products produced with a reduced environmental impact, say the researchers.

Food labels could reduce livestock environmental impacts

By Nathan Gray

The use of ‘single-focus’ labels on food products could be a small change that leads to a big difference in reducing the environmental impacts of livestock on water availability, say researchers.

The government has been urged to ensure the scheme is directed at producers who are willing to improve

Zimbabwe announces livestock support scheme

By Ceaser Mhukahuru, in Harare

The Zimbabwe government recently announced a USD$51.2 million livestock support scheme with the goal of producing 400,000 tonnes of beef per annum by 2018, in line with the country’s economic blueprint, Zim Asset.

International demand has been weakened due to poor hygiene standards

Need for investment in Nigeria’s livestock sector

By Frank Garriba, in Abuja

The poor health and welfare reputation of Nigeria’s abattoirs and meat processors has undermined the reputation of its meat sector, helping reduce exports to a derisory level.

Government under fire for badger cull

UK government looks to extend bTB badger cull

By Nicholas Robinson

Only 708 badgers were removed following a pilot cull carried out in the south-west England, despite the UK government planning to kill more than twice as many.

Beef was biggest driver of rise in Irish food exports

Meat drives Irish food exports

By Carina Perkins

Meat was the major driver behind an increase in Irish food and drink exports this year, according to Irish food board Bord Bía.

Anthrax outbreak has infected cattle and people in Moldova

Moldova faces anthrax threat

By Vladislav Vorotnikov

An outbreak of anthrax has been registered in Moldova, according to Vasile Sokhotskii, head of Moldova’s Department of Especially Dangerous Infections under the National Centre of Public Health.


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