Blood Sugar

With healthy eating among the most common New Year’s resolutions, the study's findings add more incentive to reduce food intake all year round (image: Hywards)

Post-meal blood sugar levels promote heart attack complications

By Will Chu

The level of sugar in your blood can affect the contraction of blood vessels, with potentially dangerous effects on the heart and blood pressure, a recent study has shown, highlighting the potential risks of regularly consuming rich, sugary foods. 

While current estimates for the burden of pre-diabetes suggest more people will suffer in the future, there is huge potential to reverse this trend by providing foods that help to better manage blood sugar and prevent pre-diabetes progression.

Special edition: Blood Sugar Management

Pre-diabetes: Public health time bomb … and industry opportunity

By Nathan Gray

By 2035 it is estimated that 8% of the global population will be classed as ‘pre-diabetic' – putting them at significantly higher risk of developing full type 2 diabetes. Such startling statistics are ticking bomb for healthcare costs, but could...


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