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Meet the 7 sustainable aquaculture stars of the future

By Oliver Morrison

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology’s food arm has identified new projects to accelerate innovation in what is the fastest growing form of food production, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Oman oyster project cuts mortality to 1%

Oman oyster project cuts mortality to 1%

By Eliot Beer

An aquaculture project at Oman’s Almouj Marina has produced high-quality oysters with almost zero mortality, as researchers plan to refine the shellfish and ramp up production.

Norwegian salmon in the pink

Norwegian salmon in the pink

The issue of food labelling, which has been a hot topic of late,
has arrived in the ice cold waters of Norway. In the near future,
salmon raised in certain conditions will be able to bear the label
'This is a free range salmon...

Fishing out the truth

Fishing out the truth

Radioactivity checks on farmed salmon from Scotland and Northern
Ireland exposed to Sellafield radiation show that there is no cause
for concern from eating these fish, according to the results of
work undertaken by both the Food...


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