Upfront Chromatography A/S

Upfront Chromatography

Upfront Chromatography A/S is the world’s leading developer of customized industrial-scale protein chromatography processes. Over a period of 15 years, we have developed the skills and technology that have enabled a wide range of companies to create substantial additional revenue by isolating high-value functional proteins at the required quality, purity and functionality suitable for the food and nutraceutical ingredients markets.

Upfront Chromatography offers industrial-scale customized separation services through its proprietary Rhobust® technology platform, which enables previously unseen cost-effective protein isolation from crude industrial process streams. The range of proteins that can be isolated using Rhobust® technology is extremely diverse, including animal, plant and microbial proteins.


The Rhobust® processing platform is a breakthrough separation technology that offers companies new opportunities in food and bio-active protein ingredients. The technology has been consistently proven at commercial-scale by enabling leading food ingredients companies to obtain greater value from their raw material and side streams. Rhobust® enables companies to mine their process streams for functional proteins that have functionalities such as gelling, foaming, emulsification, and superior solubility, as well as enzymatic and/or health promoting biological activities.


From the feasibility study to commissioning of the final installation, Upfront works with its customers to develop adsorbents and process systems to optimize process performance and create new product lines. For more information visit Upfront at​.