TOMRA Sorting Solutions Food ODENBERG/BEST

TOMRA Sorting Solutions Food ODENBERG/BEST

ODENBERG and BEST, part of TOMRA Sorting Food, provide analytical and sorting solutions for the meat industry. Next to fat, protein and moisture analysis in meat, the company also offer solutions for detection of objects as plastic and bone.

The Qvision fat analysis machine allows production facilities to provide consistent product quality and raw material control that both brings large savings by increasing profitability and simplifying daily operation. Typical applications for the machine are ground and diced meat as well as small trim.

The Qvision sets a new benchmark for accuracy and consistency of real time, in-line meat analysis, simplifying operating processes and saving time. The system gauges fat, protein, moisture, color, temperature and weight in all types of meat – fresh or frozen – at any grind size, across the full width of its conveyor belt, handling an unrivalled 30 tons per hour easily.  

Next to the Process Analytics solutions, the company has enhanced solutions for the sorting of meat applications as well. Sorting foreign objects out of IQF meat, pork rind, bacon bits, trace lean, ... We have the unique capability to take out glass, plastics, metal, bone fragments, wood, collagen, tissue, paper, cardboard, etc… Our free fall sorter uses a combination of laser and camera to detect these different types of FM with high accuracy. By using optical sorting solutions, companies do no longer need to rely on manual inspection and food safety is significantly higher.