TM Electronics (UK) Ltd

TM Electronics (UK) Ltd

Thermometer manufacturer, TME​, supplies robust and accurate food temperature equipment all over the world. For testing, measurement and monitoring, TME’s temperature range is HACCP-compliant and UK-built, and includes quality budget solutions and bespoke designs.



TME’s expertise enables the production of affordable, high quality equipment for food manufacturers and processors. The product range varies: from waterproof handheld thermometers, fast-response probes and food simulants, to Barcode scanning thermometers, sophisticated data logging systems and remote, paperless monitoring of key temperature test points.



TME innovations include: the smart MM7000 Barcode Logging Thermometer​, 3-second response ThermaSprint ​technology, and the low-cost TC Wall Por​t system, monitoring temperature from up to 20m away. The focus of all of these innovations? Raising performance whilst driving down costs.


Customer Support

At TME, the emphasis is on ensuring excellent ongoing customer support. The Thermometer for Life ​lifetime guarantee – replace or repair any MM2000 Thermometer you damage for no more than £35 – underlines this emphasis, and to back it up, the friendly, expert sales team offer no-obligation advice on problem temperature applications.


TME – When Temperature Matters