Stepan Lipid Nutrition

Stepan Lipid Nutrition

Stepan Lipid Nutrition offers food, beverage and dietary supplement manufacturers the opportunity to add value – and nutritional enhancements – to multiple consumer products.

Stepan branded specialty nutritional oilsand powders are proven to promote and maintain health and well-being and its portfolio of branded ingredients are naturally derived, scientifically studied, and carefully sourced. All Stepan raw ingredients suppliers are audited regularly, ensuring consistency and purity. Their controlled supply chain and Quality Control monitoring program certifies that all suppliers meet the ultimate compliance standards.

Stepan R&D group constantly innovates new product concepts and supports their evolving core offerings. With decades of experience in applications and processes, they offer complete solutions and advice every step of the way. Stepan supports their customers’ product launches in many ways, such as providing assistance with research and scientific support, guidance on labeling and consumer claims, product positioning, messaging, and co-branding programs.

With sales and marketing teams across North America and Europe, as well as distributors in Latin America and Asia, Stepan provides localized customer support. This ensures our customers worldwide a timely delivery of materials as well as an understanding of consumer drivers that impact regional product development. Stepan offers their customers assistance with interpretation of scientific studies.

Americas (USA):

Stepan Lipid Nutrition

100 West Hunter Avenue

Maywood, NJ  07607.

Phone:  1.800.457.7673

EUROPE (and rest of the world):

Stepan Lipid Nutrition

Museumlaan 16

1541 LP, Koog aan de Zaan

The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0) 75.727.1000

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