Solbar Industries Ltd.


Solbar is a global leader in specialty soy proteins and soy isoflavones, going the extra mile to bring Soy's natural treasures to the food and dietary supplement markets. It operates from factory site in Israel and wholly owned sites in China and the United States, sourcing soybeans to achieve highest quality standards. Solbar is a public company, traded on the Tel Aviv Exchange.

Solbar is focused on processing the soybean to improve functional properties, emphasize soy's health and nutritional benefits and bring economic value. Solbar´s sales organization serves more than 50 countries, via an extensive network of distributors and by direct sales to multi-national customers. Our logistics departments in Israel, China and the United States bring prompt, personalized warehousing and shipping.

Solbar manufactures a wide range of highly functional soy protein concentrates and isolates for:


  • Meat, poultry, fish and vegetarian applications


  • Health foods, snacks and beverages


Solbar Q family of isolated soy proteins are designed for customer requirements in a wide variety of applications, food and meat. Following a unique method designed to remove carbohydrates and other factors, the protein is dried to preserve the natural highly functional properties.

 Solbar's traditional soy protein concentrates – powdered and textured are used to supplement and extend food and feed products.

Solbar natural soy isoflavone extracts have been clinically tested for use in dietary supplements, nutritional foods and beverages.

Solbar is a well recognized producer of non-GMO Identity Preserved soy proteins.

Manufacturing sites are certified ISO 9001:2000, HAACP, GMP, Kosher and Halal.