Solanic: Nature’s vegetal answer to animal proteins


SOLANIC Potato Proteins – Nature’s Vegetal Answer to Animal Proteins

  • Solanic offers highly functional native potato protein isolates which, depending on the application, exceed the best animal or vegetable proteins currently on the market.
  • Solanic’s ’clean label’ potato proteins are vegetal, natural and require no allergen or E-number declaration.
  • This unique combination of high performance and ’clean label’ offers great potential for innovation in new product development and texture creation.

'Clean Label' Solution

Natural, native potato proteins
No allergen declaration
No E-number
Suitable for all vegetarian and vegan claims
Kosher (for passover) / Halal approved

Unique Functionality

Excellent emulsifying capacity
Powerful gelling ability
High foaming power
Good waterbinding
Great texture stability

Processed meat & fish products:

In frankfurters, pate and luncheon meat, the unique combination of emulsifying and gelation​ of Solanic’s potato proteins yields very stable products, with excellent texture and mouthfeel. The dose required compared to caseinates is 30-50% lower, creating cost-effective​, allergen-free opportunities. In formed cooked products such as hamburgers and meat balls, a stable and firm texture is achieved, with reduced cooking loss of both moisture and fat.

Meat analogues:

100% vegetarian & vegan solutions​ can be offered to suit customers seeking alternatives to animal proteins like egg albumen. Also allergenic proteins like wheat gluten or soy are successfully replaced.