Skåne-möllan​ is a small-scale, innovative mill located in Tågarp in the south of Sweden. Our idea is a simple one: to be an alternative to the larger manufacturers based on a high degree of service and expertise, and flexible production facilities.

The small scale of the company allows for careful consideration of customers' opinions and specific needs. Skåne-möllan can offer "tailor-made" flours according to customers' wishes, and a number of new products have been developed in close cooperation with our customers.

We co-operate closely with many of the best farmers in the region. A major part of the grain is grown by contract. This assures the availability of grains according to our specific needs, and new types of grains can quickly be put into cultivation. Our customer base consists mainly of bakeries and the food industry.


Skåne-möllan's​ main products are wheat flour​, rye flour​, and mixtures of the two in different proportions. The specific types of flours and the proportion of each used in the mixtures is determined by which end product the flour is to be used in. Skåne-möllan's ability to offer "tailor-made" flours according to our customers' wishes is a highly appreciated service.

Several new products have been developed in as a result of co-operation between Skåne-möllan​ and customers. In 1996 several cold swelling flours were launched under the name "TTT products"​. The TTT-process is a unique process for heat treatment of grain, based on the factors Time, Pressure and Temperature (TTT in Swedish). Skåne-möllan's TTT-products consist of an assortment of heat treated flour and cut grain from wheat, rye, barley and oat.

The TTT-process is also used for flour, which becomes cold swelling and does not have to be treated further in the bakery. The scalded flour gives fresher bread with longer shelf life and a higher dough yield. TTT-treated rye- barley- and wheat kernels have shorter scalding time and higher absorption of water. Therefore the baker can wait longer for the orders and still get softer bread with longer shelf life. And the bread tas te better!

Heat treated oatmeal, Hafie M 160​, can also be used to substitute milk in wheat dough. This can prove to be particularly valuable for the growing number of lactose intolerant consumers, who have to avoid all milk in food. TTT-products are completely natural, without any chemical additives, and include the following:-

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