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S. Black is one of the leading independent specialists in the sales, marketing and technical support of innovative ingredients for confectionery, dairy, prepared foods and bakery.
 We are proud to represent a range of manufacturers at the forefront of new developments. Following recent developments and expansion of the nutritional technical services offered by S. Black, outstanding advice on nutritional and regulatory issues is guaranteed coupled with innovative application ideas and comprehensive support packages.
 Vita™ is a new range of high ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbent Capacity) completely natural Super Fruits and Super Vegetables, from US-based FutureCeuticals. Via a unique proprietary system, FutureCeuticals concentrate controlled amounts of highly bio-available anthocyanins, polyphenols and powerful phytochemicals to achieve true fruit extracts of unmatched purity and antioxidant potency. These products can be easily incorporated into a wide range of sweets.
 Inulin, a naturally occurring carbohydrate from the chicory root and processed into a pure powder form. Scientific studies demonstrate the positive effects of inulin on dietary health specifically of the intestine and thus the well-being of the consumer. Frutafit® and Frutalose® inulin/FOS from Sensus are easy to work with, highly soluble natural ingredients compatible with a wide range of food applications and are a proven sugar substitute.
 Denomega® 100 odour and taste-free fish oil derived omega 3 oils are available as the pure oil, powder and liquid formats. Associated with heart and cognitive health benefits they are highly suitable for the use in fruit juices, dairy, desserts, cereals and baked goods.
 ButterBuds natural dairy concentrates deliver the richness, mouth feel and flavour of butter, cream and chocolate without contributing fat or cholesterol. Excellent for use in confectionery in particular chocolate formulations due to the natural flavour strength achievable at low doses. An ideal cost- effective option that can help counteract rising dairy prices.
 Mycoscent, a natural solution that allows the reduction of sodium and MSG without loss of flavour.
 Malt and malt extracts deliver natural colour, texture and flavour to a wide range of products and applications.
 Our savoury flavours also include: grill flavours, natural coffee and tea extracts.
 Xanthan gum, carageenan, pectin, cellulose gum, micro-particulated whey protein, glazing agents, lecithin, Candurin®, sucrose esters, MCT's, locust bean, tara, guar gums, oils and fats, powdered fats.
 Slow release Soy Isoflavones, highly bio-available instantly soluble calcium, Vitamin K2 mk7, mineral gluconates including Mg, Zn, Cu, K, encapsulated iron and phytosterols.
 Following the emerging trend for products that deliver Beauty from Within we can offer cold water dispersible free Lutein and esters, as well as cold water soluble free Lutein and highly bio-available Coenzyme Q10 - both ideal for use in beverages.

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