Ruitenberg Ingredients


Ruitenberg in brief​ 
Ruitenberg Ingredients is a family owned company founded in 1938 and located at modern facilities in Twello, the Netherlands. Product developers, technologists and analysts work on new products and applications in a state-of-the-art technology center with a strong focus on supplying a versatile product range for specific applications in the meat, convenience, bakery and confectionery industry. 
Our products​ 
Ruitenberg Ingredients specializes in alginate technology used in, for example, Rudin®VegaCasing. Rudin®VegaCasing offers a healthy and safe casing, allowing a clean and simple continuous production process. The technological breakthrough of Ruitenberg's patented Rudin®VegaCasing & handtmann's ConPro® system proves to be a market success. 
Bake-stable bake-off fillings​ 
Rudin®Filling is a concept for the industrial production of both savoury and sweet bake-off fillings. This concept results in a wide range of exceptional flavours which all meet to the same product characteristics: bake stability, simplicity, freeze-thaw stability and recipe creativity. 
For over 40 years Ruitenberg Ingredients has played a role as preferred supplier for liquorice extracts. Improving the quality, taste intensity and processability of liquorice extracts like: non-dusting liquorice powder, cold-processable liquid liquorice, liquid liquorice mixes and more. 
Zesti Smoke® and Kraft® Grill Flavours​ 
Zesti Smoke® products and Kraft® Grill Flavours are exclusively distributed in Europe by Ruitenberg Ingredients. Zesti smoke® products are authorized for use in the EU. As part of the current safety evaluation being undertaken by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), Zesti smoke® has carried out extensive independent studies on the consistency and safety of our smoke flavouring. At all stages in the current evaluation we have met with the requirements of EFSA in order to demonstrate the continuing safety of our product. 
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