Prova, the brown flavour specialist

Prova, the brown flavour specialist

 PROVA​'s activity is based on a combination of many years of experience in processing raw materials, creating flavour compositions and a sound knowledge of the requirements of the market. This know-how makes PROVA​ the specialist manufacturer for sweet brown flavours in four major areas :


  - COCOA,​ 

  - COFFEE extracts and flavours and

  - a selection of SWEET BROWN and GOURMET notes (nuts, caramel...)​. 

 The company is present throughout the world with more than half of its operation in export.

Founded over 60 years ago using a type of technology unique to its kind, PROVA​ started its expertise in extracting vanilla. Subsequently, the company diversified its technologies and product portfolio and now has high-performance equipment, enabling it to provide products adapted to the sweet food industry. Today Prova is the largest European vanilla processor and a leader in the production of chocolate flavours.