PSS SVIDNIK,a.s. - Meat Processing Equipment


PSS SVIDNIK,a.s. has been successfully operating in the global market for four decades. The company focuses on the production of meat processing machines and brewery equipment, pressure and non-pressure vessels. These are offered individually or as part of complete production lines. 

Company's equipment consist of Speed Flakers (SF), Speed Grinders (SG), Self-feeding Grinders (SGS), Speed Combi Grinders (SCG), Speed Mixers Grinders Angle (SMGA), Speed Mixers (SM), Speed Fillers Vacuum (SFV), Vacuum Stuffing Machines (VNU, NAVA),  High-Speed Cutters (K), Vacuum High-Speed Cutters (KV), Meat Grinders (RM), Frozen Meat Grinders (RMM), Microcutters - Emulsifiers (M), Universal Mixers (UM), Meat Massagers - Tumblers (MM), Bone/Meat Separators (RK), Smoking Chambers (KWU), Giraffes - Worm conveyors (G), Lifting Devices.

PSS offers a large portfolio of equipment for use across all areas of the meat processing industry. Machines are offered individually as well as in complete turnkey production lines. The company is characterized by its commitment to first-class product quality, reliability, speed, accuracy and high-quality service.