Novozymes – Rethink tomorrow


Novozymes is the world leader in bioinnovation. Together with customers across a broad array of industries, we create tomorrow’s industrial biosolutions, improving our customers' business and the use of our planet's resources.

With over 700 products used in 130 countries, Novozymes’ bioinnovations improve industrial performance and safeguard the world’s resources by offering superior and sustainable solutions for tomorrow’s ever-changing marketplace.

Novozymes’ natural solutions enhance and promote everything from ensuring safe and healthy food, optimizing brewing practises to advancing biofuels to power the world tomorrow. Our never-ending exploration of nature’s potential is evidenced by over 5,000 patents, showing what is possible when nature and technology join forces.

Our 5,000+ employees working in research, production and sales around the world are committed to shaping business today and our world tomorrow.

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