Nizo food research


NIZO food research is an independent and one of the most advanced research centres in Europe.

We help industry to be more profitable​ by developing and improving new product benefits​ (flavour, texture, health), by providing speed​ (easily mobilized expertise and test production capacity) and by supporting image​ (food safety & quality, safe & sustainable processing, evidence based health claims) at minimal fixed costs​ for our clients.

The food-grade NIZO Food Factory is used for development and testing at industrial level and is available for test productions. The NIZO application centre provides industry with facilities for product development & product oriented research.

Focus of our 200 employees is on driving innovation in its customers’ products and processes. Based on more than 60 years experience, NIZO food research develops and applies technologies for improvements of foods and ingredients in the field of flavour, texture, processing, health, ​and food safety​.

Clients in all segments of the Food & Beverage, Ingredient and Life Sciences industries are thus served with confidential research projects.

HQ is based in Food Valley in Ede, The Netherlands, with offices in the UK, France, the US, and Japan.