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NATECO2​ is Germany’s leading service extraction provider for the food & beverage and cosmetic industry. The company has been specialising in CO2​-extraction for more than 30 years now and operates plants with up to 16.000 liters production capacity.  By using CO2​-extraction tea can be decaffeinated, waxes can be produced out of the remainder of anteriorly done pressing, deodorization of valuable substances can be performed, and very high quality oil can be produced with yields of over 90 percent - kosher, organic, ecologically friendly by using biogas - and absolutely solvent-free.
Just some month ago NATECO2​ announced the production start of its first and largest CO2​ ultrahigh pressure extraction plant, which can operate at a pressure of up to 1.000 bar. Thus - classical extraction with supercritical CO2​ was previously done at a pressure around 300 bar - also very sensitive substances such as carotenoides, omega-3 fatty acids or vitamins now can be gained with outstandingly high quality results. Add on hardly soluble components, among which are long-chain waxes for the cosmetics industry or other large molecules, can be extracted with CO2​ gently.

In addition to extraction, NATECO2​ offers a variety of possibilities for product design and preparation, analysis and R&D studies, completion and refinement.

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