MEGGLE Business Unit Food Ingredients

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The MEGGLE Business Unit Food Ingredients organization develops and sells functional, high quality compounds and ingredients for the food industry. Based on milk and whey proteins our products are suited for a wide range of applications.

We offer functional milk protein compounds and hydrocolloid combinations for the stabilization of milk products, as well as recombined milk products for markets with a limited availability of milk.

Furthermore we develop customized emulsifying and stabilizing compounds for various meat, delicatessen and other convenience products. Our range also includes vegetable fat powders based on different oils and fats especially suited to improve the creaminess, taste and texture of soups and sauces.

Our baking range encompasses pastry and confectionary products. They are well-known for their high functionality and easy handling. The Meggle whipping agents achieve various requirements concerning performance, stability and taste in dessert applications.

We are among the leading producers for spray-dried coffee creamers in Germany and work continuously on trendy formulations. Our product range also cover a range of premium cappuccino foamers.