Lehmann Food Ingredients

Lehmann Food Ingredients

Lehmann Food Ingredients has added a new product to our portfolio – TARA GUM​.Tara Gum provides food processors with several advantages in a wide range of nonfat and low-fat food applications including frozen desserts, cultured dairy products, condiments, baked goods and salad dressings.

In a solution, Tara Gum shows many similar characteristics to Guar Gum. Like Guar Gum, Tara Gum is cold soluble and attains maximum viscosity in water, milk and other low-solids systems within several minutes.

While Guar Gum builds viscosity, it tends to manufacture a very gummy texture. Comparatively Tara Gum provides a better texture without the gumminess feel and less quantifiable use is required in formulations.

Taracan be used in numerous applications and can provide acost in use benefitif used as a direct replacement for Guar and Xanthum Gum and/or in combination.

For more information on Tara Gum or to arrange a brochure and sample, please contact us on 01524 581 560 or via the following email:

Lehmann Food Ingredients, founded in 1988, are a well established supplier of ingredients to the food manufacturing industry.

Our expertise and knowledge of ingredients has been developed with over50 years experiencewithin the food industry. We are totally committed to understanding customer needs; with emphasis on service and reliability.

Our range of ingredients has been expanded to compliment our existing products, allowing us to offer our customers a complete range of functional and semi finished products.

Our Complete food ingredients catalogue includes Mustards, Vinegars, Functional Ingredients, Seeds, Liquids, Sauces and Pastes, Egg products, Alcohols, Tomato and Liquid Sugars – Full range can be seen at our website.

Mustard​ is a major part of our portfolio and has been since the company began. Our wealth of experience has assured our position as a market leader within the UK and Europe.

Vinegar​ - Our close working relationship with our European supply partner, who has factories throughout Europe, assures we can offer a complete range of vinegars in bulk road tanks, IBC's, and drums through to retail packs.

Additives & Functional Ingredients​ - The range of functional ingredients we offer gives our customers the benefits of combining modern technology to enhance flavours, mouthfeel, appearance and stability in many food applications. We have recently added Tara Gum as a Guar/Xanthum Gum alternative.

Egg Powder​ - We offer a complete range of egg products from Germany.