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Ishida Europe is a world leader in the supply of weighing, inspection and packing solutions for the food industry.

With over 40 years in the industry and the broadest range of multihead weighers in the world, we have worked with clients throughout EMEA to deliver solutions for hundreds of different applications.


Ishida designs and builds multihead weighers to ensure accuracy, efficiency, speed and reduced give-away for customers. Our range of equipment includes bespoke and specialist machines for sectors such as meat, poultry, confectionery, snacks, granular products and fruit and vegetables.

To protect your brand and ensure the highest quality standards, Ishida’s world-class X-ray inspection systems reliably detect tiny amounts of contaminants, such as steel, glass, stones, bones and shell. In addition, our checkweighers are capable of exceptional speeds while maintaining high accuracy for a range of products through one machine.


Our snacks solutions range from entry-level weigher and bagmaker combination units to high speed complete line solutions, all delivering fast payback on investment costs while also ensuring consistent weights, pack quality and seal integrity.


Ishida has complete integrated solutions offering you all the benefits of single-source supply during specification, project management, installation and operation.


We also offer a comprehensive range of support services to make certain your production time is always optimised.


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