IMCOPA Food Ingredients


IMCOPA is the largest Brazilian crusher dedicated to Non-GMO, IP soy products (< 0.1% with fully documented traceability) and in certified compliance with the Basel Criteria for Responsible Soy Production.
IMCOPA is expanding its brand name IMCOSOY® for soy products like:
- Soy Lecithin

- Soy Meal (all protein levels)

- Soy Protein Concentrate

- Soy Oil (crude & refined)

In 2006 IMCOPA opened its own office in Europe to market its products under IMCOPA's brand name IMCOSOY® for various reasons, namely:
- Introduction of the IMCOPA brand name to the market directly

- Enhanced contact between South American Suppliers and global buyers
- Continued and even growing resistance by European and Asian buyers regarding GMOs

- Expected overall growth of the soy market
Its European presence enables IMCOPA to provide the following benefits to its clients:
- More cost-efficient logistics (bulk from Brazil to Europe)
- Excellent lead times for deliveries, for packaged material in bulk, drums & IBCs from dedicated Non-GMO storage facilities in Rotterdam
- Locally available support in logistics, sales, development and QA
- Direct access to the source of sustainable Non-GMO Soy products like lecithin, oil, meal and their derivatives.
IMCOPA is a family-owned company dedicated to build and maintain long-term relations with its clientele globally where it already deliver and serve many of the A-rated customers.

In the recent past, IMCOPA has attained approximately 35% market share in the Non-GMO, IP lecithin market, with an annual production of roughly 20,000 MT.


At present IMCOPA has also the full range of lecithins in its portfolio available.


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