Hochdorf Nutrifood Ltd - BEST PARTNER for nutrition solutions at every stage of life


Based on almost 100 years of experience in production and marketing of health products and functional food, we apply our technological expertise to produce genuine Swiss quality products.
We offer:

  • VIOGERM – a unique natural, plant-based and functional ingredient
  • wheat germ oil
  • extruded cereals and crisps
  • a complete range of sport nutrition
  • food supplements
  • instant dessert powders

Core competences:
VIOGERM – the best from wheat for an unforgettable, healthy taste experience
Since more than 60 years, HOCHDORF Nutrifood Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of coldpressed wheat germs. Our innovative coldpressing technology preserves the full nutritional value of the wheat germ and guarantees a long shelf-life.

VIOGERM coldpressed wheat germ oil
Simply the best natural source of vitamin E. Nutrifood’s wheat germ oil is obtained through a 100% natural mechanical process contains therefore all nutritive substances of the native oil, and is 100% pesticide- and solvent-free.

VIOGERM crisps
HOCHDORF Nutrifood Ltd. is specialised in extruded cereal products with health benefits. The products are specifically designed to add crunchiness in confectionary and chocolate.

Femtorp – simplicity never tasted better
Femtorp represents a diverse range of dessert varieties in premium quality and low calorie content. The mousses satisfy by their convenient preparation and their exceptionally smooth and light consistency.

GETFIT – get more power and stay fit
HOCHDORF Nutrifood Ltd. brings many years of experience in development and processing of high-quality products for athletes and health-conscious people.

We offer malted instant fortifying drinks – the ideal start to an active day for all ages. High-quality raw materials such as malt, VIOGERM, cocoa, fruit concentrates, vitamins and minerals offer high nutritional value with high-bio-availability.

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