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Hilmar Ingredients 

Take healthy beverage concepts to successful reality with whey protein from Hilmar Ingredients. Whether it’s in coffee, juice, shake, isotonic or dry mix, we can help infuse the wellness benefits of whey protein.

Hilmar Ingredients’ whey proteins:
 • Deliver all the amino acids needed for good health
 • Contribute to satiety
 • Help preserve muscle mass
 • Provide critical sensory performance

Top whey protein choices for beverages include:

Hilmar™ 9420​ Whey Protein Isolate is designed for low pH systems looking for transparent protein fortification. It reduces overall tartness and astringency even at higher usage levels.

Hilmar™ 9400​ WPI and Hilmar™ 9410​ WPI have acid and heat stability and can withstand the rigors pasteurization. Their thin-as-water viscosity makes light, refreshing beverages possible. Hilmar™ 9400 is clear in liquid and Hilmar™ 9410 is instantized for spoon-stirrable dispersibility in dry mixes.

Hilmar™ 8350 ​WPH is a moderately hydrolysed WPH providing flavor and health benefits. Optimized for nutritional uses, Hilmar™ 8350 has a bland taste with reduced bitterness and contains pre-digested proteins, short peptides and free amino acids. It is especially useful in fortification of bolder drinks such as coffee and chocolate where it can enhance the flavor.


WHEY PROTEIN: The Hilmar™​ 8000 series includes 80% WPC, tabletting and alpha-lactalbumin enriched WPCs, plus a range of functional hydrolysates; and our Hilmar™​ 9000 series of 90% WPIs includes uniquely manufactured WPIs with both IX and MF characteristics.

LACTOSE: The Hilmar™​ 5000 series includes high purity edible and refined lactose, and pharmaceutical lactose specifically formulated for the wet granulation process.

Our whey protein and lactose adhere to the most stringent industry standards, and are Kosher and Halal approved. Our facilities are ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Hilmar Ingredients also provides technical, processing and formulation assistance. We have a fully equipped pilot kitchen and research lab staffed by experienced protein and application scientists – all designed to help you discover the advantage of dairy in your food or beverage.


Located in California’s Central Valley, Hilmar Ingredients’ headquarters is the world’s largest single-site manufacturing operation of cheese and whey products. Our second state-of-the-art facility in Dalhart, Texas, expands the flexibility of our whey protein production, assuring customers of consistent, year-round product availability. And our proximity to the ports of Oakland (California) and Houston (Texas) allows for easy access to the world’s markets.