Hanwell Solutions Ltd – Temperature Monitoring

Hanwell Solutions Ltd – Temperature Monitoring

The Hanwell IceSpy monitoring system has been specifically designed with food quality in mind. This affordable wireless system provides food quality managers with the tools to automatically record a range of environmental data, such as temperature, humidity, air flow, door events and much more with immediate alarm notification of a breach in conditions.

Using Hanwell IceSpy helps prevent costly losses caused by events such as power failures and doors being left ajar etc. Correct control of temperature can also lead to a reduction in electricity bills with many clients seeing immediate return on investment. The historic data collection and automatic reporting capabilities provide the necessary information required for auditing purposes and to assist with HACCP compliance.

The vast range of accurate probes provides users with a solution to a multitude of temperature related applications, such as fridges, freezers, cold storage rooms, dry storage rooms, ovens and more. Designed specifically to be wireless, the system ensures that time and errors are reduced in comparison to manual checks and recordings.

The Hanwell IceSpy system is manufactured in the UK by Hanwell Solutions Ltd. Hanwell prides itself on the ability to provide users with a durable and reliable system that can be used for years to come with a friendly support team at hand 24/7.

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