Habasit Belting, LLC


Habasit​ is the leading manufacturer of lightweight conveyor belting​ and power transmission. Founded in 1946, the Switzerland based company operates world wide with a net of 25 fully owned affiliates and hundreds of representations and service partners. In 1968, Habasit opened our USA Headquarters office in Atlanta, Georgia, where we maintain a full inventory of Habasit products. Habasit Belting, LLC​ offers leading edge conveyor and processing belts, installation support and after sales service. The company offers 24 hour service and maintenance contracts to major clients in order to help them cut their costs in the long run.
 With a strong commitment to innovation - more than 15% of our staff are dedicated to R&D and more than 8% of the annual turnover are invested in research - Habasit not only offers the latest belting technology but is also able to develop customer oriented solutions. Some of the latest developments for the food industry include antimicrobial fabric belts (HabaGUARD®, HyGUARD®​), the outstanding Cleanline®​ belts and HabasitLINK® plastic modular belts​. Highest quality standards are not only found in our products but in our employees' daily work processes as well. Based on a world wide TQM approach, Habasit attained the ISO 9001 certificate already in 1989.
 At Habasit​ we know that it is important to understand our customers' needs. That's why we emphasize the importance of close cooperation with our customers. As a full range supplier we have an optimal solution for every application. and are happy to help you choose the right belt.