Galam Group

Galam Group

Established in 1940, Galam Group brings extensive expertise in refining nature’s raw materials - manufacturing fructose (Fruitose®​), glucose, natural high-fiber and protein ingredients, as well as native and modified starches. Additionally, Galam Group subsidiaries represent leading ingredient suppliers and produce high quality lipid-based products.
 Galam is a leading manufacturer of Crystalline Fructose, serving numerous customers globally and a major EU supplier. Based on a unique and innovative scientific process, we’ve developed an efficient method for purifying fructose into crystals. As a result, our non-GMO Fructose manufactured from pure sugar has a purity level that is above 99.5%.

 Built on decades of sweetening experience, Galam Group has established specialist blending facilities throughout Europe. Galam Group supports food and beverage manufacturers with customized sweetening blends that accelerate time-to-market and streamline production.

Leveraging the benefits of stevia, Galam Group’s portfolio has been further enhanced by the innovative HiSweet®​ blends. Galam uses only the most premium stevia extracts to ensure consistency and quality in every sweetening blend. Achieving optimal sweet-taste profiles for reduced calorie/sugar, naturally sweetened and low GI products is an intricate process. Galam Group sweetening experts formulate for multiple applications and understand that stevia-extract is most effective when combined with other sugars and flavors. At Galam Group we leverage our sweetening expertise to fine-tune stevia integration with different components to achieve the ideal formula for each individual application.

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