Galactic focuses on natural food solutions

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For more than 20 years, Galactic has been at the forefront of developing first-rate expertise in lactic acid fermentation and the development of many other derivatives. As one of the world’s leaders in biotechnology, Galactic serves the Food, Feed, Cosmetic, Personal & Health Care, and Industrial markets.

Nowadays more food companies are looking for high quality and natural ingredients to reformulate their products and make them healthier and safer for consumption, together with guaranteeing great taste. This is why we at Galactic are leading the way by offering a bio-based portfolio to our customers with the most sustainable and cost effective alternatives to traditional solutions. We provide the benefits of a clean-label advantage while ensuring great flavour and affordability at the same time.

Our first-rate products address several challenges. Part of Galactic’s extensive range tackles industry’s need to reduce sodium and nitrite content in food as well as its desire to extend shelf-life without compromising taste or texture. Whether you want an emulsifier for baked goods, a microbial inhibitor in meat products or an acidulant for dairy, our high performance solutions deliver for you.

With headquarters in Belgium, production facilities in the United States (Milwaukee), China (Bengbu) and Europe (Escanaffles), and sales offices in Belgium (Brussels), Japan (Tokyo) and Brazil (Curitiba), our 350 dedicated staff are active on five continents. Building close links with our distributors and customers helps us to pursue an innovative and solution-oriented approach. Galactic is the result of teamwork between financial partners with a strong belief in our project, successful researchers and people with great vision striving for excellence.