Finlays, founded in 1750, is a vertically integrated and geographically diversified agribusiness. With tea estates in Kenya, Sri Lanka and Argentina and production facilities in China, Kenya and Chile; Finlays is the largest producer of tea extracts in the world. Built on a long standing legacy of sustainabile business practices, Finlays has an enviable ability to support customers’ requirements for accreditation including Organic, Rainforest Alliance and  Fairtrade. We also produce premium coffee and botanical extracts in USA and China.

Tea Extracts​: with our ‘Bush to Cup’ global business model, we offer unique product solutions using fresh leaf, black or green tea for all product applications in Non-Alcohol Beverages, Alcoholic Beverages, Foods and Cosmetics.

Coffee Extracts​: global sourcing  extraction expertise allows us to tailor solutions to almost any need in food and beverage application.

Our Solutions

Our products can be tailored to meet customer specifications.

Tea:​ Hot Water Soluble (HWS) Tea Extracts, Cold Water Soluble (CWS), Tea Extracts, Liquid Extracts, Decaffeinated Tea Extracts, Restorative Tea Aroma

Coffee:​ Liquid Coffee Extracts, Powder Coffee Extracts

Botanicals:​ Fruit Extracts Powder, Herbal Extracts