Fenchem Enterprises Ltd.

Fenchem Enterprises Ltd.


  • Evening primrose oil 
  • Black currant seed oil 
  • Borage seed oil 
  • Pumpkin seed oil 
  • Flax seed oil 
  • Sunflower seed oil 
  • Soybean seed oil 
  • Perilla seed oil 
  • Peanut seed oil 
  • Green tea extracts 

Fenchem Enterprises Ltd.:

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Fenchem Natural Antioxidants for Food Freshness

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Fenchem’s natural antioxidants including Tocovet® Natural vitamin E, EssenRose® Organic rosemary extract and G-TEA™ Tea polyphenols. EssenRose® is available...

Antioxidants of high quality from Fenchem

Antioxidants of high quality from Fenchem

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Being a traditional supplier of food ingredients, Fenchem supplies antioxidants Natural tocopherols, Rosemary extracts and Propyl gallate of high quality...