Crisp Sensation

Crisp Sensation

The Swiss company Crisp Sensation has developed a breakthrough technology that enables frozen crumb coated snacks to come out of a microwave or conventional oven still crispy. The core of the product stays succulent while the crumb delivers an authentic crispy bite which is maintained for hours after preparation. Moreover, the technology allows for up to 50 per cent fat reduction.

Crisp Sensation technology is suitable for the most diverse of substrates and any kind of deep frozen crispy products. This could be schnitzels, chicken nuggets, cheese or vegetable sticks, fish fingers, and even sweet applications. The special coating protects the core from drying out by keeping the water in. Taste panels confirmed a crispier texture compared to standard products prepared both in the microwave or oven.

Also, due to its outstanding processing technology, products manufactured with Crisp Sensation contain up to 50 per cent less fat than comparable products – without any detrimental impact on taste or texture. This fact can be labelled on packaging. The snacks display a characteristic bite, described as a “light crispness”: Crunchy and promising, but not hard or tough and without any rancid notes.

Crisp Sensation offers its globally patented technology to manufacturers of frozen coated snacks as well as to large-scale and system gastronomy suppliers. Customers can use the technology under licence from the company. If desired, Crisp Sensation’s experts can offer advice on all questions of manufacturing, marketing and product development. The technology is available for full-scale production.

Crisp Sensation’s headquarters are located in Geneva, Switzerland, while Research and Development take place in the UK and the Netherlands.