Cargill Texturizing Solutions


Cargill Texturizing Solutions is one of the leading suppliers of texturizers and emulsifiers to the global food and beverage industry.

As a global business spanning 24 countries across all the major regions, Cargill Texturizing Solutions is well-placed to take on the challenges faced by food manufacturers across the world, offering them specific solutions for providing texture in multiple food applications. Using a wide and unique “mixing palette” of ingredients, including hydrocolloids (alginates, carrageenans, locust bean and guar gums, pectins, and xanthan gum), emulsifiers, lecithins, cultures and enzymes, starches, soy proteins and functional systems, Cargill is able to find the best texturizing solution for the customer.

More than 3,000 employees – including some 300 scientists and applications experts - ensure the ingredients’ performance consistently meet customers’ specifications.

Cargill Texturizing Solutions also provides a diversity of services, supported by a global yet local network of plants, R&D centres and sales offices, allowing access to know-how and experience from individual markets as well as global developments - without sacrificing local service. R&D activities are structured along product lines and in-depth food category management to ensure our portfolio is always cutting edge, and processes remain state-of-the-art. Close customer relationships guarantee exchanges of insight, knowledge and experience, while Application Centres in different continents allow food scientists to develop quality products within pilot plants, in an environment similar to manufacturers’.

Globally, our product development experts work with Cargill’s sister food ingredients businesses on new solutions and functionalities, including ingredients and raw materials like sweeteners, cocoa and chocolate, flavours, health ingredients, and oils and fats.

For Cargill Texturizing Solutions, a consistent value is the on-going commitment to the consumer, providing solutions with their perspective in mind. From design through development to manufacturing, Cargill Texturizing Solutions is committed to creating with its customers innovative new products for consumers to enjoy.

Cargill Texturizing Solutions’ global headquarters are located at:
Cargill Europe BVBA
Bedrijvenlaan 9,
2800 Mechelen