Caragum International

Caragum International

CaraGum International is a french owned family company, manufacturer of functional systems, distributed in 45 countries.

CaraGum International is one of the major manufacturer of gum Arabic, which is the best emulsifier for flavoured emulsion. 
A key strength of CaraGum®, is the ability to understand individual raw materials, their synergies with other materials, their functionality in different food processes. This enables us to maintain our position in the field of Food Market.   

When you receive a stabilizer system recommendation, you can be sure that it is based on achieving the best possible functionality. 
 In addition, where regulation and your company policy restrict the use of certain raw materials; Caragum has the experience and is able to use alternative systems or ingredients with little or no trade off in terms of quality.

New raw materials are constantly being analysed in our laboratory in Marseilles. Our research team evaluates how this new knowledge might best be applied to customers needs; whether they  improve texture, viscosity, cost saving or innovation on a product or process level. 

Reasons for new product development are varied but generally they can encompass:

  • The will to innovate 
  • Extensions to existing successful product lines
  • Changes in customers' tastes and requests 
  • The need to replace raw materials due to inappropriate consumption or regulatory response 
  • Market competition

  All development is carried out on a totally confidential basis with our customers.

  Our R&D staff is experienced, friendly and understands the need to work with the customer's R&D department. All research is based on the customer's own market and executed in a fast and efficient manner. Our goal is to improve our services with respect to our customers.      

  We have opened in2002 anew production line of liquid and powder form flavours. Many investments were also carried out within our laboratory of control and our R & D. This enables us from now on to offer a complete solution to various Food Industries.


FRUITS JUICES - FLAVOURED EMULSION - reduction of 5-7 times in the typical level, improved shelf life, stabilize flavours and beverages emulsions, highly compatible with most weighting agent​ 

 DAIRY - fat substitution, Gels, Suspension, Long & Short stability, Creamy mouthly​ 

 MEAT - Natural texture, Easier to slice, Improved shelf life, More juicy, Less bursting and syneresis​ 

 SEASONING - improved mouthfeel, more cost-effective, low fat substitute, higher yields

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