Brandenburg Direct

The Brandenburg group of companies is the world’s leading manufacturer of flying and biting insect control systems and air sterilisation products. With a range of technically advanced products, Brandenburg has established a global reputation for innovative solutions that protect people and the environment and enable Brandenburg's business partners to become market leaders.

Brandenburg creates a competitive edge for customers through sustained investment into research and development and via partnerships with leading scientific and academic institutions around the world.  Using its in-house design and engineering skills coupled with high technology manufacturing processes, Brandenburg is able to supply the best insect control systems available to customers in over 112 countries through an international distributor network.

Brandenburg has a clear focus on innovation and continually pushes the boundaries of insect light traps by providing innovative technical solutions. An example of this is Brandenburg's patented Translucent Technology™ (TT™) which is a UV propagation system that increases the distribution of the UVA dispersed from an insect light trap. This allows a wider window of attraction for flying insects compared to other units, making the insect light trap with TT™ more effective and leading to a faster reduction of flying insects in any environment. Other innovations from Brandenburg include the Genus® Orbit Innova, the first of its kind insect light trap that incorporates pathogen reduction technology for the reduction in airborne germs.