Bioiberica is a biotechnology company​ specialized in the research, development, production and distribution of biomolecules such as Chondroitin Sulfate, Glucosamine and Hyaluronic Acid for the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

Since 1975, Bioiberica has consolidated its position as an international leader in joint health​, thanks to a constant dedication to science and technology. 

Vertically integrated​, from the active ingredient to the finished product, Bioiberica places all its medical, scientific and marketing knowledge at the client’s disposal to develop an innovative line of joint care and dermatological products.

Bioiberica offers a wide range of innovative and scientifically based branded ingredients:


Mobilee®​ is a natural ingredient with high concentration of hyaluronic acid (60-75 %) other polysaccharides (>10%) and collagen (>5%).

6 pre-clinical studies and 5 randomized clinical trials supports its efficacy reducing  joint discomfort and increasing muscle strength

Thanks to its low dose (40-80 mg), it is very easy to formulate.    


b-2Cool is a natural ingredient supplying native type II collagen.

Thanks to its native form, orally taken b-2Cool works through an immune-mediated mechanism of action called ORAL TOLERANCE, that modulates the immune response against endogenous type II collagen.

It allows b-2Cool®​ to reduce cartilage degradation and joint inflammation, thus improving joint pain and function.


Tendofit®​ is a proprietary complex with a unique formula especially designed for tendon health and recovery. 

More that 6 scientific studies support its effectiveness.

Clinical benefits of Tendofit®

-         Tendon structure recovery

-         Pain relief

-         Anti-inflammatory effect

-         Fast return activity

CS b-Bioactive®:

CS b-Bioactive®​ is #1 researched chondroitin. Its efficacy has been tested in +20 clinical studies and +5,000 patients.

CS b-Bioactive®​ has demonstrated to be better absorbed and have higher biological effects compared to other chondroitins.

It is manufactured to the highest pharmaceutical standards, being the reference standard of EP & USP.


Acti-Joint®​ is a proprietary formula that has demonstrated a superior effect compared to the standard combination Glucosamine 1,500 mg. - Chondroitin 1,200 mg.

Acti-Joint®​ composition:

b-Glu (Bioiberica’s glucosamine) 1,500 mg

CS b-Bioactive®​ (Bioiberica’s chondroitin sulfate) 200 mg

Mobilee®​ (Natural ingredient rich in hyaluronic acid, polysaccharides and collagen) 20 mg


Palbio is a cartilage complex containing chondroitin sulfate, hydrolyzed collagen and tricalcium phosphate, specially formulated to supply the main components of the joint in directly related nutritional values.

The unique, carefully studied composition of Palbio nourishes the joint and improves its metabolism.