BIO SPRINGER, natural Yeast ingredients

Bio Springer

Bio Springer is the leading global supplier of natural yeast ingredients used in soups, sauces, seasonings, convenience foods, snacks, meat products…

Bio Springer has the most comprehensive yeast derived product range, offering yeast extracts, inactive dried and autolysed yeasts, processed flavours and more.


Its R&D team strives to continuously improve this range ensuring Bio Springer provides state of the art products today and tomorrow.

Bio Springer is strongly committed to supplying yeast ingredients key to the development of culinary food products by bringing quality and reliability close to its customers. In each region our Culinary Center teams can help food producers get the most out of Bio Springer products.


Bio Springer has recently completed the construction of two new yeast extract factories in USA and China in addition to its plants in France and Brazil.

Bio Springer is part of Lesaffre Group, world leader in the production of yeast for bakery, health and nutrition applications.


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