Almendra Stevia Sweeteners


Stevia sweeteners are not all the same and ours are quite excellent! Almendra manufactures high purity stevia extracts for the food and beverage industry.

Steviose™ products are made from stevia leaves and extracted with water and ethanol - no GMO’s​, other enzymes, or harsh chemical solvents. With purity of 99.5%+, you have the cleanest-in-class taste profiles​. 

Steviose™ Blend contains 100% steviol glycosides and is excellent for up to 30% sugar reduction​. 

For sugar replacement​, use Steviose™ 100.  With minimum purity of 99.5% Reb A, it is free from bitterness and licorice off-tastes.  It also brings high sweetening power​ -  instead of using 1 kg reb A 95, use 800 g Steviose™ 100.  It has excellent cold water solubility and consistent taste batch to batch.  All products have levels of pesticides, herbicides and heavy metals that are undetectable or far below the JECFA standard.

Because tasting is believing, contact The Stevia People at Almendra.

Almendra is based in Singapore with manufacturing facility in Thailand and, applications and R&D in the United States.  Sales offices are in the United States for the Americas, in France for EMEA, and in Thailand for Asia.  For detailed product information and to arrange a demonstration, contact

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