Denmark lowers indicative levels for acrylamide

By Niamh Michail

EU guidance levels for acrylamide do not protect consumers enough, according to the Danish minister for environment and food, as it sets lower indicative levels for Danish manufacturers.

The research identifies Portugal's traditional pastries as a food that uses fats with high TFA content. (Image:

Concern over trans fat levels in Portuguese pastries

By Will Chu

High levels of trans fats in Portuguese foods, especially pastry, are contributing to an increased risk of coronary heart disease, cancer and diabetes, according to a study -  but processed and packaged pastries are not the worst offenders.

Overweight is defined as having a body mass index (BMI), the ratio of height to weight of an individual, of between 25 and 29.9. People with a BMI of 30 and over are considered obese. (image:

Obesity will cause 700,000 new cancer cases by 2035: Report

By Niamh Michail

It makes simple economic sense to reduce levels of obesity and overweight because if current rates continue it will cause 700,000 new cases of cancer in the next twenty years, says a report by Cancer Research UK.

Rice quotations in 2015 were more stable than wheat or maize.  Photo copyright: Istock /  Jeremy Richards

Global food prices plunged by nearly 20% in 2015

By Niamh Michail

In 2015 prices of the world’s major commodities fell for the fourth year in a row, averaging nearly one fifth (19.1%) lower than in 2014, says the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO).

Teach children to defend themselves against advergames

Teach children to defend themselves against advergames

By Niamh Michail

Children should be taught how to defend themselves against marketing tactics used in online 'advergames' for unhealthy food, says one researcher - but policy changes to restrict online advertising would be the most effective way to protect children.

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